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Name: Carioca Pois Ribbon
Item No.:
Description: Different design of colourful ribbon
Name: Flag Series
Item No.: W 9011 - W 9020, W 9301- W 9305
Description: Hand flags and 4m Flag lines available.
Name: Flower Join
Item No.: FM 8211

Petals and leaves are provided. Follow instruction and you are able to form a flower in a few simple steps.

Name: Fun Bag
Item No.: FM 2101
Description: Do it yourself Fun Bag which you can customize your own wonderful and colourful bag.
Name: Funkite
Item No.:

MC 0701


Consist of plastic kite, bamboo stick, joiner, thread, washable crayon. You may decorate your kite with the enclosed crayon and have your masterpiece flying in the sky.


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